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  • I read a lot of books during this summer vacation, one of them is "The Other Side of the Sky Blue" written by Hill of England. It is a touching and soul-moving allegory of life and death. Little boy Harry went to another world due to a car accident and was waiting to go to the other side of the sky blue, but he was still thinking about his father, mother, sister, teacher and classmates, but he didn't know how to convey his voice until he touch The last ghost named Arthur, Arthur took Harry sneaking back to the world to say goodbye to loved ones and friends, and to apologize and love them "Let's see! I hate you this time!" I will never come back! "Ha was said to his sister before the accident, but now he is really dead. I know it was just Harry's angry words to his sister, but it turned out to be true! I am really sad for Harry. A so smart little boy left the world at such a young age. However, Harry is also doing well in another world, but he ca n��t go to the other side of the sky blue because he still has n��t What he did, how he wished to do more for his sister before he said that, how he wished he could say goodbye to everyone, so he slipped back under the leadership of Arthur . Seeing this, I'm really curious. What will happen to the two of them who are dead and turned into ghosts when they return to the world? They fly back from another world. They can see the living people, but Living people do not see them or hear what they say, except of course ghosts. I think it's fun for ghosts to return to the world. They can pass through everything, and others can pass them. They won't be harmed or die again. They can go anywhere without spending money, but There is also a bad thing about being a ghost. I just ca n��t communicate with living people. After watching it later, I found that my thoughts were not all right. Harry first returned to his school and returned to his classroom. He thought he was The desk should look like a holy place, but in fact has everything, and there is a man named Ball Anderson sitting behind his desk! All his coat hooks were used by Ball Anderson! Harry was angry and thought everyone had forgotten him! I'm also a bit angry that they shouldn't forget Harry so soon, and shouldn't give Harry's things to Ball Anderson, and even if they do, they should remember Harry in a way. But in fact, the classmates still remember Harry. The wall behind the classroom was covered with little poems, pictures, photos, watercolors, and oil paintings about Harry. Every classmate wrote a few words, even with Harry also wrote about the bad relationship, when he was a little bit sour, just like when he was about to cry Marlboro Cigarettes, I was also touched. Later, Arthur took a rainbow to return to another world to find his mother, leaving Harry alone. When he went to the movie theater, there was a lot of ghosts. I am so sad that there are so many ghosts here, indicating that they all have unfinished business Carton Of Cigarettes, so they cannot leave this world and go to the other side of the sky blue. Harry went to his tomb and stood there for a while. There was his marble head, a warm brown, and a little redness. It felt like autumn. I was really happy for Harry. His family gave him such a great job An avatar that shows how much his family loves him Online Cigarettes. Harry met his dad on the grass, returned home with his dad, said goodbye to everyone in the family and the cat they raised, and used his own thoughts to let the pencil write his apology to his sister and got her sister Forgive me. I felt happy and moved at the same time. In doing this, Harry made his own peace of mind. Although he was a little sad and sorry, he was very calm. He let his sister feel the same, which made them feel relieved. After reading this book, I think the biggest difference between people is actually their attitude towards death. How they face the proposition of death determines how they choose to treat life. We: Never let the sun go down when you are resentful. The meaning of this sentence is that before you go to bed, you must not be angry or hostile to anyone, especially do n��t hostile to the one you love, because you may be today
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